Monday, 18 August 2008

MMMM 802.11!

I signed up with Virgin Media for a new fibre optic, stupidly fast, broadband connection. However the new modem thingy (Cable connection in>Coax TV cable and Ethernet out) is in my living room with my desktop 1 floor up and a bit to the right! So only one thing for it... Wireless!

First I searched the Ubuntu Hardware Compatibility list and found a card that "should" work out of the box. But as we all know Linux=Variety so just because the test box worked with the card out of the box didn't mean mine would. So I ordered the card from Amazon and it arrived today. I fitted it and booted the PC. Boot time was a little bit longer than usual due to it finding the new hardware (Good sign), desktop loads, compiz loads, network manager loads... and asks me which wireless network I wanted to connect to! *HUGE SMILE*

I also ordered an Xbox 360 wireless adapter (yes I know its Microsoft but I just don't like the PS3 even if it is far more Linux friendly). The installation took a similar time, but connecting to the network took much longer! Ubuntu with 3rd party hardware and drivers beats the Xbox OS when its running 1st party hardware and drivers! We'll see if the differences continue as I'm now going to boot Vista and see if the installation is as easy...

Huge gr't big update

Well as expected Vista threw a fit! The process can only be described in screenshots so without further adieu:
Hmmm nothing on startup

Oh yes please Mr Vista sir please install my device!

This dialogue box is understandable as Windows doesn't
have repositories to turn to.

Bugger! Right where's the CD's installer

This looks slightly more promising

Did I mention I hate waiting?

Woo Hoo!

So it took Windows Vista 10 minutes and lots of clicking "next" to do what Ubuntu did on startup! Another point for Linux I think.

Now if only I can figure out why my EEE is taking 8 minutes to connect to my network I'll be very happy :-)