Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Why I'm excited about the Apple Tabet

The almighty Apple Tablet has been rumoured since before the iPhone but in recent months these rumours have hit fever pitch culminating in the belief that Apple will announce their unicorn tablet on the 27th January.

I have no illusions that the Apple Tablet will be anything other than overpriced. I am however still excited about it. Before the iPhone was released in 2007 the touch screen phone market was stale and unattractive, since then however your not a major phone company unless you have a touch screen smart phone. Apple has a knack for reinvigorating any market they enter. I believe the same will be true for the tablet PC market. It is currently fairly stale with few OEMs making tablets and fewer making tablet accessories.

I'm currently awaiting delivery of a 2nd hand Motion M1400 tablet PC and of course the hunt for accessories has begun. Keyboards aren't a problem as bluetooth is a standard. Things like cases however are a bigger problem. A case in point (no pun intended!) is from a company called OtterBox this company is know for making hugely rugged everything proof cases and they used to make a tablet pc case which would have been perfect for use on field trips etc. However because the market has been stagnant for so long Otterbox no longer make this case.

Being a Linux user and advocate I will be looking to install Linux on my shiny tablet PC. Easy, I thought, Linux is so adaptable that someone will have made a tablet orientated *buntu by now. This however isn't the case. The few tablet orientated projects that exist have not seen new code or refinements for years. The Linux community is renowned for its ability to make new ideas its own. Days after the launch of Windows 7 the community figured out how to get Compiz to emulate Aero Snap. Hopefully Apple will make Tablets "trendy" again making accessory makers and the Linux community sit up and take notice of this platform.

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