Sunday, 21 September 2008

Yay Miro's back

Hi guys just a quickie. After upgrading to 8.04 I never bothered to install Miro again. However today I tried it again and found that the installation is even easier than before! (And it was pretty easy then)

The instructions can be found here and they could not be simpler.

So download it now and enjoy access to video podcasts and internet TV

View my original review here

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

More changes!

So after having installed Ubuntu 8.04 from scratch on my desktop and solving all my problems it was time to solve all my eeepc's problems! Step up to the mark EEEbuntu a version of Ubuntu 8.04 designed solely for use on the eeepc. The version I'm using is the Netbook Remix edition. Just going to start installation now... Wish me luck!

[edit] The installation went flawlessly and even preserved my original home directory! The Netbook Remix user interface is so sleek and very user friendly.
Boot takes 50 to 60 seconds! My wifi is picked up on boot rather that 47 seconds later as with Xandros. I've got CPU scaling, something which I never thought about but I'm sure will help my battery life. Sound, function keys, Wireless all works and my battery meter is finally giving me sensible estimates as apposed to "you have 1 minute of battery left (100%)". The UME launcher is a god send and I can finally use Tomboy which I was unable to install on Xandros due to my screwing up of synaptic :-s

All in all I'm very happy with the distro and the support on the Eeebuntu forums appears to be as good as Ubuntu's own forums.

Monday, 8 September 2008

I think we're back in bussiness

So installations all done. And now I've got my distro looking how I want it:

I really like the black Mac OSX look. I think Apple should make it so you can have different colour schemes for Macs.

Anyway I figured out where I got the wallpaper from.

It's called AEROSTREAM and its by ve1n. It comes in 6 colours and tonnes of resolutions. so theres sure to be one for your tastes and screen size

And like the end of looney toons:

Tha..Tha..Tha..That's all folks!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wifi Woes!

Ok, so the story goes that I installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron through the update feature in the update manager. Now ever since then there have been a few niggling issues that I've ignored. But today my WiFi which had installed so perfectly has packed up and left! I've tried just about everything I've found on the Ubuntu Forums including NdisWrapper, MadWiFi and many others. Nothing works (hence I'm posting this from my EEE). So being as I'm at my wits end I'm going to install Ubuntu 8.04 from fresh. I've moved all my important stuff from my /home directory to my Vista and now I'm going to start over. Hopefully this will mean that all those niggling problems are sorted out in the process. See you on the other side!

[edit] Just over halfway through the install now at 11 minutes and 35 seconds. All going smoothly so far.

[edit2] installation complete at 17:30.3 restarting now

[edit 3] Vistas fine. Some odd grub errors Uh oh.

[edit 4] Grub boots fine from Vista harddrive but not the Ubuntu one! Strange but true!

[edit 5] Insallation complete at 24 minutes 3 seconds and 1 millisecond!