Friday, 28 December 2007

Why Linux? (An introduction)

In this blog I hope to tell people about how I came to be a Linux user. Why I migrated away from Windows and hopefully influence a few Windows user to become fellow penguins!

I've known about Linux for some time but never plucked up the courage to try it, I was quite happy to be one of the many millions of Windows users out there. I put up with XP running on inadequate hardware, and only bought a new PC when Vista came out. Incidentally I only really got interested in installing Linux when I got my new PC as my old one had no internal CD drive and trying to get Linux to install through an external CD drive is messy! So new PC arrived with Vista, I toyed with a couple of distros; Knoppix, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva and Sabayon. And had little success due to my modem which is notoriously difficult when it comes to linux, and after each failed attempt I found myself back in Windows.

Don't get me wrong XP is fairly stable and is a good work horse and Vista is very pretty but there's not enough room to modify. I've tried theming XP countless times only having to switch back to "Classic" in order to get any functionality out of it at all! And I'm a bit scared of trying to theme Vista!

As I spent a lot of money to get Vista, I wasn't going to install Linux over the top of it. Plus there are some programs that don't have a Linux flavor or counterpart. So dual-booting is the answer. I had got on fairly well with the liveCD of Fedora so I decided to install that.

one of my 1st attempts at theming XP.

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