Tuesday, 23 June 2009

In search of Tux wallpapers

The redesign is basically complete, as you can see, so I've decided to release the wallpapers I've made for each of my OSes.

The original design was inspired by this wallpaper from PulsarMedia.

Click to make big.




I might get round to making an iPhone wallpaper at some point so stay tuned for that and an agnostic one featuring all 3 logos.

Feel free to download use, modify and redistribute but please give credit unless you are making major alterations. Thanks


Alex said...

I love these wallpapers!
Do you have a wallpaper with all three logos like that? =D

Ayyappa said...

i want the logo full picture of background image.
is it possible?

Grindboy said...

Hi guys you're in luck. Since I've been editing the intros for the ISOT vlog I have the pngs to hand! What colour background do you think the 3 logo wallpaper should be or should I do 1 of each?

Cheers Michael

Vince said...

Ok, just ran across your blog and subscribed and have been reading through, but this post interested me...I am with Ayyappa, I would also like the background, and know that I can pull it out via FF (Chromium will not pull the BG image), but I just wanted to ask if you could post the images anyways please...