Saturday, 19 December 2009

Why I'll never buy another Microsoft product.

About a week ago my motherboard gave out on me. Luckily I'm running an AM2 chip meaning that a replacement was fairly inexpencive. After putting the new motherboard in I booted into Ubuntu 9.10 without any problems. I boot into Windows 7 however and apparently my copy is "not genuine" and a few seconds after boot I get told I might have been the victim of piracy. Now I'm tech savy enough to know that 7 is just throwing a hissy fit over the change in hardware so I go to the activation screen and re-enter my code only to be told that because my hardware has changed my license is no longer valid. I am told to call a toll-free number and input a 48 digit code just to recieve another 48 digit code which I input into the activation menu.

Ironically this total palarva would have been avoided if I had been running a pirated copy of Windows 7 as a pirated copy would have had the activation checks removed!

I will not be buying Windows 8 no matter what features it has. From this day on I no longer consider myself a Microsoft customer.


geo metro said...

hi, do you have the 701.rom file for the 8'9" screen upgrade posted a few months ago on eeeuser? the 701.rom, but not the 702.rom links expired and since the post isn't as active i was trying to track someone who might have it. if so, please reply to this email. thanks! if you've received this request before from me i apologize for messaging some people on the thread more than once and not keeping track.

Grindboy said...

I'm afraid not. I've got an eee 900 so I never needed that rom. Sorry